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Yellow by Jeslea

Cloud Pearl Charms

Cloud Pearl Charms

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Check out our rad collection of pearl charms! These one-of-a-kind white cloud shaped beauties are perfect for spicing up any hoop or chains you've got.

Our charms are sold solo, so you can go wild mixing and matching them to vibe with your style. Just a heads up, each pearl is totally unique in size, shape, and even colour because, you know, nature's all about that individuality.

Pop these charms on our signature Tiny Hoops for some serious flair, as pictured.

And hey, just wanted to let you know that all our jewellery pieces are made and designed right here in our Woodstock studio and if you ever need any fixes or touch-ups after you snag something, just give us a shout! We're all about making sure you're happy with your bling. 


18k Gold Plated Brass

Sterling Silver

Freshwater Pearl


Image: @rethread_

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