Collection: Michael Oliver Love x Yellow by Jeslea


A collection born from unexpected circumstances, where a blossoming friendship and creative vision came together. Where the playfully modern work of jewellery designer Jessica Lea of Yellow By Jeslea meets the curvy world of photographer and visual artist Michael Oliver Love.
The photographer and jewellery designer found themselves embarking on their first collaboration during lockdown. They had been friends for a while, inspiring each other through their work, but never thought to combine their worlds in this way. Their lives and careers took such drastic turns. They were travelling the world, always on a plane, constantly shooting, always in a backlog of work. Photography was at a stand still, a lot of stores were closed, trips all cancelled, so they both ended up with a lot more time and angst about the state of the world. They spent a lot of time together and the creative journey naturally unfolded. The silver lining of what came out of such crazy circumstances, was a beautiful friendship and a creative collaboration.
Going in Circles refers to the monotony of lockdown and the cyclical nature of their lives, taking 5 steps forward and 5 steps back. The constant hope of things going back to normal, only to return to where we have been. This time was particularly difficult for them, so having this creative outlet was very helpful. This meant they were creating without a deadline, no time pressure from pending plans and the business of life. They could take their time and have fun with the process. They hope people get a sense for the joy they felt when creating these playful pieces. The collection overall consists of circular designs, naturally curvy and organic forms in keeping with the artists style, so it all comes full circle.