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Solid Beauty is a reimagined look at Hollow Beauty, bringing in joy through color and pattern. These earrings are totally reversible with 18k gold plated backs

Each Hollow Beauty shape can be found here in technicolor.

This earring is very special because it is part of our limited edition Pride Collection

Shapes are sold in the following ways:

Set with hoops (two shapes + a set of hoops)

Set (two shapes - no hoops)

Mini Set with Hoops (a set of two smaller shapes + a set of hoops)

Mini Set (a set of two smaller shapes - no hoops)

Single (one shape - no hoop)

Single Mini (one small shape - no hoop)

4 of our different shapes available in the Pride Edition


PLEASE NOTE images merely are a representation of final product. As each piece is made by hand, pattern variation will occur. We try to get as similar to the original as possible but variations in design will occur.

Images are also more indicative of correct shape as opposed to colour pattern or size or quantity

General sizes for earrings are as follows:

Mini shape: 1,5cm long x 2cm wide

Regular shape: 3cm long x 2,5cm wide

Hoop: 1-3mm tube with 2cm diameter