Our jewelry is handmade from high quality sterling silver, brass and gold. All plated jewelry has a base of sterling silver.  All ear wires are sterling silver.  You'll find specific metals used for each piece in their individual product listings on our shop page.  Both brass and silver will oxidize/tarnish with time, and though we love the patina that comes with age, we're often asked how to care for bronze and silver jewelry to maintain it's shine. Please read carefully below on how to take the best care when it comes to your jewellery.



Each Yellow jewellery piece is made specially by hand and as such it should be treated and worn with care to keep it looking its best. We recommend removing your jewellery when swimming, exercising, gardening, sleeping and doing household chores. Avoid knocking or scraping jewellery against hard surfaces as this can scratch and chip metal and gemstones.



When not being worn, we suggest storing your Yellow jewellery our jewellery boxes provided with each order.




Moisture of any kind is brass' worst enemy. To keep your brass looking beautiful we recommend keeping it away from any source of moisture including perfume, hand creams, hair products, the bathroom shelf and so on. Brass pieces can be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaning product like Brasso which can be found at your local supermarket. Always be sure to rinse and thoroughly dry your piece after cleaning.



The best way to keep silver jewellery looking fresh is to wear it as it can begin to tarnish if left exposed to open air for long periods. It can also tarnish when exposed to certain liquids and fumes including chlorine, sulphur, salt water, perfumes and body lotions. We recommend only putting on your jewellery once you have finished using these products. There are many high quality silver jewellery cleaners available on the market. A gentle rub with a jewellery polishing cloth will also clean your piece easily.



Gemstones are very delicate and should be cleaned with care. Gemstones are prone to chipping if knocked against abrasive or hard surfaces and it is best to clean your stone pieces with warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Opals must be kept away from water and any kind of cleaning product as these can degrade the opal prematurely and lead to dulling of the opal's lustre. We recommend giving your opal piece a gentle rub with a lint free cloth.


Plated Metal

Plated pieces require extra care when being worn and being cleaned. Plating is a process where a very thin layer of metal (such as gold) is applied to another metal (such as silver). This thin layer is susceptible to chipping and fading over time. We recommend your plated piece be gently cleaned with a soft cotton cloth or plain warm water and dried immediately with a soft cotton cloth before storing or wearing.